WARNING! This site is made for old piece of code, which I call now "prealfa demo". Still you can download this game, but its unfinished simple-shooting-on-one-screen program. Now I work on rewritten project in accelerated 2d graphics with great storyline, so nothing in this site represent what Zombie Attack will be. Soon, also new website will be done.

Welcome to Zombie Attack homepage. The story of Zombie Attack centers on, no name soldier who tries to survive attack of hundreds of zombies, on a farm placed in the middle of nowhere. If you kill enough zombies, you can advance your character with some upgrades. Choose upgrades carefully, for you fighting style. During the day zombies will be able to see you, and if that happens, he will try to follow you. During the night they will not be able to see you, however at nighttime the number of zombies walking throught farm is increasing.

Zombie Attack is a 2d platform game written in C language Game uses SDL layer for displaying graphics. It is my first game (besides some snake stuff thausands of years ago). I decided to make this project for learning purpose base, before making something bigger. This game should be fun, even though it's simple training project.

This game is free software, licensing on GPL v3, so you use it for free and even change it, because the sources are open. If you are not a programmer and don't want to mess with source code, checkout binary-compiled version for Windows or Linux.

So even if this is not a Resident Evil killer, I welcome you to try this game, good luck with zombies.


If you are using Windows, you should have newest DirectX and some display device compatible with DirectX, some kind of ram and processor. So requirements are none because all of us have this :)

For Linux users, situtation is similiar, except that instead of DirectX you need SDL.


Windows XP/Vista/7:


Linux i386:

ZombieAttack-prealfa.i386.rpm (compiled on Fedora 12 i386)
If you install binary package on dpkg based system, you can use tool called "alien" to install rpm. This will not generate any problems in your package database. You can do that by execute this command:

# alien -k ZombieAttack-1.0.i386.rpm

Source code:

You can checkout project directly from SVN repository, to do that, install svn client and run this command:

$ svn co zombie-attack


Game uses language choosed from your operating system, only if translaton is available.

Currently you can choose from two translations (polish and english). If you could prepare translations to other language's (in gettext format) please send me .po file, I will pack it with the game.


I am Kamil Pawlowski ( I like working with C/C++ and Java during my free time. If you are intresting of cooperation on some entertainment projects like games (free software or not), feel free to contact with me, I'm interested.

In the project I use sound samples from based on creative commons license. Thank you guys I don't have microphone :)